Exceptional &
Legal Services

Arbaugh Law focuses on helping you achieve your goals and efficiently resolving your disputes. Matt's wealth of experience allows him to provide accessible and highly effective legal services. Our client relationships tend to be more personal, which leads to more personalized solutions.

Commercial Litigation

Matt litigates disputes involving contracts, real estate, and general business claims – in both state and federal courts.


We routinely file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies for individuals, and have filed Chapter 11 cases involving millions of dollars in creditor claims. Additionally, Matt represents debtors and creditors in bankruptcy court litigation and understands the positions of both sides of debtor-creditor disputes.

Business Law

Arbaugh Law assists a variety of small businesses with start up procedures, general operations, human resources, and business disputes.

Arbitration & Mediation Services

In addition to arbitrating disputes for Multnomah County, Matt is available to serve as a private mediator or arbitrator to help parties resolve their disputes in a more efficient and cost effective manner than prolonged litigation.